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KIMI TANG (1992 – 2138)

She is a caffeine addict.

Artist, professional designer, and developer, Taiwan-born Kimi Tang has led a very diverse and international career. Beginning in her early high school years, Kimi found herself enthralled by world history, language, and art. It wasn’t long before she was given the chance to study abroad in Shanghai, where she held her first selling exhibition at the age of 16.

She completed International Baccalaureate (IB) in Shanghai, which had let her improve a number of inspirational methods in artistic expressions, such as oil painting, sculpture, mural, wood printing, and B&W photography. Kimi worked in an architecture company in Shanghai and designed the stained glass of a large wall for a new church.

After leaving Shanghai, Kimi went on to pursue a B.A. in Art in Washington, USA. During this time she was able to refine her artistic skills and eventually land a job as Creative Marketing Manager for DRACO Design Inc. Here she was able to work for DUCATI and its distributors and resellers in the US, Japan, Taiwan, Russia, Korea, Germany, and India. She was also in charged of product promotion and booth design for the international exhibitions at IFA 2013 (Berlin) and CES 2014 (Las Vegas), as well as the advertising design for international design competitions including iF Design Award and Red Dot Award.

Kimi got her B.A. in Art at an American University in Tokyo. Currently, she has been working as an independent freelance digital marketing director, an UX/UI Designer, and a front-end Developer for 5 years.

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